Flying Hooks

Designer: Bos en Couvée

Flying Hooks from Bos en Couvée is a coat hanger consisting of flying hangers shaped like a vertebra. This shape ensures that coats can be hung perfectly on these rubber ‘hooks’. This hallway eye catcher is attached to a ceiling rose and every steel wire is 200 cm long. This way, every individual hanger can be adjusted to the preferred height. After all, it is convenient for children when they can reach the coat rack with ease. Also, it is possible to create a nice and playful effect by assembling the Hooks on different heights.

– Single Flying Hook (H 3,5 x 11,5 cm)
– Set of 4 Flying Hooks and ceiling rose (18 x 18 cm)
– Set of 9 Flying Hooks and ceiling rose (29 x 29 cm)

Flying Hooks from Joseff Murphy on Vimeo.

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