Joop Steenkamer jr.

In 1992, Joop Steenkamer Jr. received his degree from the Delft Technical University’s department of Industrial Design. He subsequently founded Steenkamer Design, which sees its products through from idea to production. “Sometimes a product can solve a problem,” Steenkamer says. “By executing the product idea and making sure it reaches consumers, you can solve the problem (preferably for as many people as possible).” Living by this motto, Steenkamer designed a new type of ambulance (Ambulance Nieuwe Stijl or ANS). He focused on the interior of the innovative type of ambulance in order to make a trip in an ambulance less uncomfortable for the patient.

Apart from industrial design, Steenkamer also focused on different aspects of design. For example, he designed book covers and inside graphics, portraits and illustrations, and he designs logos and corporate identities. He also acts as graphic designer for different companies. In 2002, Steenkamer designed a clap skate meant to be used as a rattle to support speed skaters for the Dutch NOC*NSF (Netherlands Olympic Committee*Netherlands Sports Confederations). This became a huge success with a production of 100.000 clap skates. Earlier, in 1998, Steenkamer designed Mirror, Mirror. In 2006, almost 10 years later, we added this beautiful complimenting mirror to our collection. It is still a bestseller today.

Designs by Joop Steenkamer jr.