Jan Neggers

Jan Neggers (1956) graduated as a sculptor from the Academy for Fine Arts in Rotterdam in 1986. At the moment, he works as an artist and set designer in Rotterdam. Together with Jos van der Meulen, Neggers started the production company JaJo to produce the Paperbag among other things. The Paperbag turned out to be a huge success. This product was added to our collection. A few years later, Neggers added his own design to the Paperbag series: the Paperfile. This design was also added to our collection. Neggers always tries to develop his designs and inventions into products that are simpler, stronger, better and more functional.

Neggers attaches great value to implementing recycling into his designs. This stems from protests in the 1990s against the waste culture which seemed to be the norm at that moment. Dutch designers Piet Hein Eek en Tejo Remy were forerunners of using recycling in their designs, but a large group of designers quickly followed suit. Neggers was and still is a part of this movement. For this reason, he uses his designs to make people more aware of wasting materials and products. Furthermore, Neggers also designed many public spaces and institutions, and he likes to be involved in art projects, together with neighbourhood children.

Designs by Jan Neggers