Dick van Hoff

Dick van Hoff (1971) graduated from Arnhem Academy of Art and Design in 1996. During the same year, he founded his own design studio: Vanhoffontwerpen. Apart from this studio, van Hoff teaches the Master program at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He is also co-founder of the production label Weltevree. His design studio embodies universal values in modern products which have been around for years. Functionality, quality and the relationship between user and product give the design its strength. Functionality is perhaps even more important than aesthetics, but this does not mean that form follows function. The designs are present, well executed and convincing especially because of their powerful imagery.

A deep love for industrial and traditional techniques is evident from van Hoff’s designs. Starting from a production process, he works on materials to such an extent that a new image is created. The created new images show their intended use undisguised. This way, customised industrial design sees to a natural and clear way of assembly where quality, in finishing and choice for material, are most important. The designs are made with love. Love for the product, the process of making it, the user and the profession. The perfection and mastery are visible, whether the design is industrially or manually produced. Quality is equal to sustainability.

Designs by Dick van Hoff