Bottle Candlestick

Design: Peter van de Water

The Bottle Candlestick design Peter van de Water and is released by Goods. He was inspired by something we’ve all done, used an empty bottle as a candlestick. Only the outline of a bottle has been applied to the Bottle candlestick, creating a stylish candlestick. They are made of 4 mm thick steel and finished with black silk matt lacquer. The Bottle candlesticks are available per piece or as a set of three. To ensure that the candle is neatly straight and stable, there is a pin in the candlestick to press the candle into. The Bottle candlestick is suitable for candles from 21 – 22 mm.


The Bottle candlestick is available in three models. The Bottle wine candlestick is 30 cm high and 9 cm wide and has the shape of a wine bottle. The Bottle Cognac candlestick is 24 cm high and 18.5 cm wide and has the shape of a cognac bottle. The Bottle Rose candlestick is 27.5 cm high and 11 cm wide and has the shape of a classic rose bottle.

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