Olav Slingerland

While studying industrial design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Slingerland (1969) became interested in the possibilities of moulding clay during the ceramics production process. This technique makes it possible to go about the form research in a personal and natural way and produce on a small scale. By applying casting moulds, small to medium series can be produced easily, which still reflect the hand of the artist. For this reason, Slingerland executes the entire production process of his designs himself, also to warrant the high quality of his products. His pieces are intensely personal and reflect his cheerful character well.

The main goal for the development of Slingerland’s work is to surprise, quiet and enlighten people. Accessibility is the most important aspect to achieve this. In his designs, Slingerland searches for forms which are universal, but also cheerful and in some cases even humorous. In some of his products, he combines industrial notions with user objects such as bowls and dishes. This can throw off the user slightly, but his designs are never incomprehensible as to their usage or meaning. Slingerland also uses a lot of colour in his designs, which ensures that the fluidity of forms and colours come out beautifully in any interior without too much trouble.

Designs by Olav Slingerland