Annelies de Leede

Annelies de Leede (1958) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem in 1985. She has always be a great fan of using layers and different materials at once. During a work period at the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, she researched possibilities to recycle ceramics. By experimenting with ceramic pieces, de Leede found out that ceramics can already be recycled without crushing it to unrecognisable powder. Among other things, she uses glazed waste which she mixes with a mass of clay. The size and colour of the ceramic and glazed pieces determine the end result after the product has been in the oven.

In 1998, De Leede and Liesbeth Bonekamp were asked to design the yearly museum object for the National Glass Museum in the Netherlands. They designed a small blue, matted round vase with a yellow core. This design also showcased a distinct fascination for working with layers by De Leede. Together with Bonekamp, she is part of the freelance design team assigned by Royal Leerdam. De Leede currently works as course leader at the Industrial Design department of the Utrecht School of the Arts. She was previously employed at Dutch telecom company PTT Nederland as part of the Art and Design department. She also started her own design studio: OAK. Her work can be found at MoMa in New York, among others.

Designs by Annelies de Leede