Roderick Vos

Roderick VosRoderick Vos (Groningen, 1965) studied Industrial Design at the “Design Academy” in Eindhoven. In ’87 he moves to Japan for 8 months. During this period his personal interest for Asian culture and products grew and has a big impact on his designs from nowadays. After graduating he started a design studio called: Studio Roderick Vos, based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
“In my opinion design should be humble; When designers try too hard to create “design” the message doesn’t come across. I create products with magical simplicity; so the products tell their own stories. Personally, I always question the legitimacy of a product before introducing it to my clients.”
“I like the idea/theory of ‘evolution’ in products: does a product have the right to ‘live’ and be produced? I love combing crafts with innovative industrial techniques. This is probably the trademark of his designs.”

Design by Roderick Vos


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