Bottle Boat

“I was on holiday in France once, camping alongside a small river. I crafted a small boat from litter – a plastic bottle, a little plastic bag and some twigs. A few children were playing close by and I let my craft work drift in their direction. Soon enough the kids noticed the little boat and they ended up playing with it for the rest of the day. They even took the boat to their tent to play with it again the next day.”

When his daughters were amused by an empty shampoo bottle while taking a bath a few years later, Floris Hovers saw the possibilities to combine one with the other. “You can throw out an empty shampoo bottle, or you can, by a simple addition, create a ‘real’ boat.”

Contents: 1 rubber band, 1 sail, 1 plastic ‘boom’ and 2 wooden sticks
Sails available in: orange, white, blue and red

The Bottle Boat is shipped as a fun do-it-yourself kit for young and old. Do not throw away your empty shampoo bottle, as one is not included in the package.

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Designer: Floris Hovers

Floris Hovers