Who are we?

Goods’ consumer articles are made for people who love beauty and stories. Our products modestly do what they are intended for, and are sometimes, quite literally, the centre of attention. Even, or perhaps especially, when friends or acquaintances come over to your home or office.

Purpose and imagination go hand in hand at Goods. The stories behind the products make them special and at the same time, the products are articles of everyday use.

Goods goes back a long way. The brand was founded in 1995, but many of the products in our collection have been around much longer. When Goods was founded, we launched the Paperbag by Jos van der Meulen. This product has become a real design classic. Rob Brandt designed the Crushed Cup in 1975 and the Wobble by Ton Haas was developed in 1990.

Making lasting friendships is the heart of Goods’ existence. For this reason, our relationships with designers, clients and suppliers is what drives us day in day out. Down-to-earth and with a warm heart.

Enjoy Goods & friends.