Maarten Baptist

Maarten Baptist“To me, designing is playing; following my own intuition,” explains Maarten Baptist (1976) “I try to keep surprising myself about the things around me and to offer my own vision on them through my products, interiors and exhibitions. I tell my side of the story by playing with expectations, content, shape, contours, functionality, the spirit of the times and the production process. With new shapes, which at the same time are so obvious, I challenge people to look at familiar objects from a different perspective.” Baptist is very interested in food and the restaurant business. Therefore, his main focus in design is creating beautiful table products.
Baptist develops true icons for daily activities which, piece by piece, are always elegantly present. Often a small detail is not entirely perfect, which makes his designs charmingly different. Baptist always tries to create fresh and organic forms, which give each design a timeless look and feel. To create an open-minded environment, Baptist founded JOINE Office for Design. In this studio, the designer can work together with craftsmen and companies in a way that ‘everything is possible’ and a range of different products can be released for usage. By using this approach, the people with whom Bapitist works together are challenged as well, and helps them develop further.

Designs by Maarten Baptist


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